Sourdough on the Rise

How to Confidently Make Whole Grain Sourdough Bread at Home

Sasquatch Books

Release date: October 2019

​​"There have been dozens of bread-baking books published over the past few years. So why is this compact book the one that finally got me to make my first starter? It's all about the approach. This book is short, friendly, packed with helpful sidebars, and suggests that the first thing you make with your starter be pancakes (always a way into my heart). Yes, I know, sourdough is complicated, and those trendy door-stopping bread books probably have more details about how to not mess it up. But Sourdough on the Rise makes me believe I can make sourdough in a more relaxed way. Which is, frankly, the only way I'm ever going to get off my ass and do it."—David Tamarkin


Feeding the Whole Family  is currently in its fourth incarnation with over 80,000 copies sold!  First published in 1992 by LuraMedia, followed by a 1998 version (self published) under the company name Moon Smile Press, and as of 2008 the book has been published and sold by Sasquatch Books. The new edition has 45 new recipes, fancy photos and more.


"In a voice that’s wise yet unintimidating, Lair shares her extensive knowledge of nutrition and tested strategies for feeding children....The 200 recipes that follow are vibrant and varied, showing off Lair’s ease with all types of flavors and cuisines, and cover every meal of the day."
Alison Neumer Lara, American Library Association Booklist

"The one book I want my children and grandchildren to feast on...this masterpiece is loaded with nourishing tips that every family will delight in"
Kathie Madonna Swift MS RDN LDN FAND EBQ
Co-Founder, Integrative and Functional Nutrition Academy

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Feeding the Young Athlete is in its third life.  First published by Moon Smile Press in 2002, the latest greatest version arrived in 2017 brought to you by Readers to Eaters, a small publishing company dedicated to food literacy for young people.

Practice is only part of a winning sports strategy. Whole foods have to be part of the playbook to increase energy, endurance, and focus, both on and off the field. What to eat and when to eat, pre-game, during and afterwards? How much fluid do you need to be hydrated? What to eat when you’re on the road? These are critical answers to have for young athletes, competing on a demanding schedule and eating on the run.

In this edition, simple nutritional lessons are organized into 10 Essential Eating Guidelines and recipes for cooking healthy meals and snacks with whole grains and vegetables. These recipes and eating tips offer a gateway for young players, parents, and coaches to improve performance and establish lifelong eating habits.

This book is essential reading for today’s young athlete to make or choose great foods and drinks that nourish and replenish, at home, at school, or on the road.

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