Cynthia's 2015-2018 Presentations

  • Bellevue Children's Academy, Seattle
  • Food as Medicine Conference, Portland, Oregon
  • King County Nurse's Association
  • WA State PTA Conference
  • Shorenorth Coop Preschool
  • Andrew Weil's Nutrition & Health Conference
  • Mercer Island Parks and Recreation "Successful Family Meals"
  • Molbaks "Feeding the Whole Family" cooking demo
  • Swedish Hospital: Pediatric Metabolic Nutrition Conference, "Home Cooking for Health"
  • UW Cardiovascular Update, "The Consequences of Our Sweet Tooth"
  • 21 Acres  Center for Sustainable Living, "Feeding the Whole Family"
  • Food as Medicine Conference, Portland, OR, "Nuts about Greens" "Krazy-Good Krauts"
  • Farmer-Fish Chef Connection
  • Foodservice Consultant Society International, "Have We Lost Our Balance?"
  • Cancer Pathways, "Homestyle Nutrition"
  • International Food Bloggers Convention, "Storytelling"
  • King County Library System, "Feeding the Young Athlete"
  • KU Medical Center (A Healthy U), Kansas City, KS., "Dancing with the Carbs"
  • Providence Mount St. Vincent’s, "Successful Family Meals"
  • Pecha Kucha @ Pike Place Market

Watch Cynthia in action. TEDx Rainier 2012: "How to Cut an Onion" where Cynthia shares a stirring tale about the benefits of mindful cooking.

“…what Lair really wants to discuss is how being present when cooking our food makes it taste better. It's hard to say how a concept like this gets discovered. All of us who love to cook kind of understand it, but Lair found a way to distill it into verbiage, as well as to teach other people how to do it. She did it by instituting a period of silent cooking in her cooking classes, and asking her students to notice where their thoughts took them during that time. Think of it as meditation via polenta. As Lair so aptly states, being in touch with the food you are cooking makes you less likely to inhale ingredients your body doesn't want or need, to eat like a human rather than a garbage can. This video has helped us articulate something in our brains that we've known in our guts for years: when you care a little extra about your food, it tastes better.”

from the HUFFINGTON POST; 1.10.2013

More Quotes

"Cynthia is such an entertaining and creative speaker; enjoyed the humor and the great interaction with the audience; learned things that I never thought about; fun, inviting, informative; compelling; nice pace; spoke like she cared about each person."

-- Participants from Cancer Pathways event

"Cynthia must have a great time in life, because she radiated so much joy, excitement and passion in the class she taught. She is immensely knowledgeable about nutrition, food preparation, and healthy living. I highly recommend any class she teaches. She is entertaining, engaging, and just an all around great person to work with."
--Michael Byrne, N.D.

"Cynthia has a real gift for communicating her passion for "real food" and She inspired a few of us yesterday. I have never seen such concentration on a message (from my staff) !"
--Eric Boutin, Director, Child Nutrition Services, Auburn School District

"Finally! Someone has unlocked the mystery of this critical aspect of athletic performance. Ms. Lair practically assimilates the principles of exercise science and sports nutrition with the soccer-specific demands of training, matches, and tournaments in terms that the average soccer mom, team manager, and coach can easily follow. Tons of practical tips and easy-to-follow meal plans and guidelines make this a must-have for any team, coach, or parent."
--John T.H. Germanos, Technical Director for Neighborhood Youth Soccer League (NYSL)


October 15th


4252 Fremont Ave. N. Seattle

6:30 PM

POP-UP sourdough starter class, Q&A, Book signing.

Learn more HERE

October 19th

GOBBLE UP Redd East Event Space,

831 SE Salmon St., Portland, Oregon

11:00 am Sourdough Starter Demo; 12:00 Book signing

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October 26th

The ATRIUM KITCHEN @ Pike Place Market

2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

"How to Make Your Own Sourdough Starter"

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October 26th


1428 Post Alley

5:30 - 6:30 PM

Sourdough starter demo, book signing, stay for UP Happy Hour

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November 2nd


5:00 - 6:00 PM

Sourdough starter demo, book-signing, come back at 7:30 for The Edge Improv

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November 13th


12:00 PM
Sourdough starter demo, sourdough science briefing, book signing.

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November 23rd


Magnuson Park Hangar 30

Time TBA

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